Pat Walton Photography


Chronic Pain


Chronic pain affects people's lives in many ways. The causes are often complex and range from autoimmune disease to injury, malnutrition caused by lack of food or eating disorders and sometimes are even inexplicable.


This project is an attempt to shed light on the way people experience chronic pain and how their daily lives are affected by the physical and emotional strains of living with this devastating, often invisible condition, which is so very difficult to share. The images are based on conversation I had with families, in which they told me about their anger, frustration, sadness, pain, helplessness and grief, their attempt to share their experiences of something so utterly abstract and removed from normality as we know it.


Through rigorous research, I have developed a large body of work, which aims to reflect all of those emotions in order to make their experience more shareable with each other and with others unaffected by chronic pain. Important is however, that I approached the subject as a fellow patient, which helped me understand issues I have experienced myself and to find a way of translating the issues in a way that it has grown from a deep understanding and knowledge of the many ugly faces that is chronic pain.



I am asking the viewer to engage with the images, to allow colour and texture to evoke an emotional rather than intellectual response based on memory and intuition in order to gain insight and knowledge of this debilitating and life consuming condition.


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